Putting the Social back into Social Media

Have you ever had such a persistent thought that wouldn’t leave you alone, but you were just too scared to voice it for fear of being all alone in that thinking? You were scared that thought made you weird?

That thought – go and share it on social media, right now!

Social media was built for open sharing of ideas, thoughts and opinions and this is why it has become such a successful communication tool. It has reduced barriers to communication and has enabled us to connect with people all over the world. With social media, chances are you will find someone that thinks the same way as you do and probably has all the answers already. Though they may be sitting on the other side of the world, at least it reaffirms that you are not alone, you are not weird, you are just part of another tribe.

Social media, for women specifically, can be used as such a powerful and constructive tool. We are using social media to create, relate and communicate to broader and more comprehensive social circles. We connect on an emotional level more so than men and enjoy being part of a group where we can exchange ideas, bounce problems off one another and feel free from judgement.

Social media has also connected women worldwide and created a sense of unison and strength. Our opinions are no longer seen to be less than those of men and we have formed a collective voice that is widely acknowledged and respected.

This #WomensMonth, don’t be afraid to be social! Celebrate your womanhood and share your thoughts and ideas, it’s your space and your tribe is quite large. And chances are you will find others that feel exactly the same as you do.