Omni-channel Marketing

Following up with our last blog, in which we highlighted the benefits of turning your business into an Omni-channel experience, you also need to ensure you’re covering all your bases in the digital realm. Today, we’re going to look at the difference between earned, owned and paid media.

For the best digital strategy, you need to address all these disciplines so as to get your brand recognised. Let’s take a look at the major differences separating these disciplines into distinct media channels.

Owned Media, and Its Origin of Importance

In order to have a digital presence, you first need to own your own media. These items can come in the form of websites, blogs, mobile sites and social media channels. Essentially, these are all platforms that your company own, and have the most control over. This is where your digital strategy stems from, and all these platforms should be incorporated in a modern digital strategy.

Earned Media, and Its Significance

Earned media fall into the category of media you received that you don’t necessarily enjoy full control over. This takes place in the form of reposts on social media and blogs, along with reviews, shares and mentions.

This form of media brings credibility to your brand, and also offers large influence over your client base. The reason for this is that many people depend on the opinions of others to form their own opinion.

Paid Media and Its Instant Gratification

Paid media does just what the name suggests. It’s a form of media that you pay for, which in today’s landscape can vary from pay-per-click advertising to display ads, retargeting, paid influencers and ambassadors, and paid content promotion along with social media ads, to name a few. It’s an incredible form of media for companies who would like to gain awareness and be at the top of mind of specific client bases in a short amount of time.

The Overlapping Areas of Different Types of Media

Even though these areas are all quite distinct, there are grey areas between the three media types. If you’re looking to gain more exposure for your brand on digital platforms, then you need to look at combining paid and owned media.

This is where paid media works in conjunction with aspects of owned media, including PPC and SEO, while also combining earned and owned media. You’re well on your way to making your mark online, and your company will soon start enjoying fantastic returns on its investment.

Speak to us and find out how we can make the most of your current platforms as well as make use of paid to springboard your brand to new levels.